Roanoke Valley HOME Winter 2017
From Holiday To Every Day | How To Optimize Your Dining Room
Southern Comfort | No Place Like Home For Raleigh Court Family’s Holidays
Three Private Roanoke Art Collections | Highlighting Region’s Artistic Talent
Hit the (HOME) Gym | Building A Personal Workout Space


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Reflect Your Style With Mirrors

Mirrors have been used in design for their beauty and practicality for centuries—one of the most famous examples being the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, ...
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Double Duty | Home Office Becomes Holiday Guest Room

With more and more of us taking advantage of telecommuting opportunities, homes today often have a room set aside as a private office. It’s a smart and practical ...
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Steam Shower Upgrade | Your Personal Retreat

Imagine for a moment what it feels like to hit the shower after a long day. Perhaps you’ve been raking leaves or you’ve completed a challenging workout, or maybe you ...
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Clean Sweep | Is your chimney in tip-top shape?

As the cold weather closes in, most of us are busy with preparations for our winter holidays. We want Santa to have a clean ride down the chimney, and everyone ...
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Noel Au Natural | Bring Colonial Williamsburg Style To Your Holiday Decorating

When you tour Colonial Williamsburg during the holidays, you’ll see the town’s signature Christmas decorations that greet guests strolling down the picturesque streets. Evergreen wreaths, swags, and garlands are uniquely ...
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Christmas Gifts to Attract Winter Winged Visitors

While winter brings the joys of dancing flames in the fireplace, it can also mean a bland view of a landscape devoid of color. But, when gardens are stripped ...
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Happiness, Scandinavian Style

Last winter, I began hearing a lot about the Danish concept of “hygge.” It has no exact English translation, but roughly correlates to creating a cozy feeling, and recognizing the ...
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Tempting Treats | Host a holiday dessert party with these crowd pleasers

At my house, the holidays are all about the food—especially, the dessert. Hosting a dessert-themed gathering is a creative way for me to celebrate the season: Guests gather at the ...
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