Home Upgrades | What Improvements Bring the Most Bang for Your Buck?
Jurassic Garden | Harness the Ancient Beauty of Ferns
Design Through the Decades | Home Trends that Stand the Test of Time
A Home with a View | Hillside Ranch Renovated into One Couple’s Haven
Roanoke Valley Home Magazine 2020 Spring


Pretty Passementerie | Embellish Your Interiors with Trim

It was surely the fringe on the surrey that helped Curley win Laurey in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Oklahoma!. Fortunately, you don’t have to live on a midwestern ...
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Take a Seat | How To Choose the Right Bar Stool

Anyone perched atop a stool in the early days of the Roman Empire would have been dubbed “low class.” Back in those days, chair style represented social order ...
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Dream Appliances | Kitchen Options Are Out of this World

You drop by the grocery on the way home from a rough day at work. A meeting dragged on and on and you missed lunch. Now famished, you weigh your ...
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Cast Iron Confidential | Not Just for “Iron Chefs”

There are a lot of myths out there that cast iron cookware is harder to use and clean than non-stick pans. But truthfully, it’s easier. According to professional and home ...
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Winning Combinations | Companion Planting in the Vegetable Garden

Plants, like humans, do best when they have friends. And just like humans, particular plants get along with some plants better than others. When planted near each other, simpatico plants ...
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Retaining Walls | Where Form Meets Function

Few landscape features combine aesthetics and function as well as retaining walls. These sculptural elements can be simple or massive, hidden behind a living green screen or showcased with plantings ...
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Cheers! | Hosting a Happy Hour at Home

Hosting a happy hour is one of my favorite ways to entertain; the name “happy hour” just sounds like it will be a good time. It’s a low-pressure, low-commitment alternative ...
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Road Trip, Anyone? | Explore Some of Virginia’s Showcase Gardens

As the weather gets warmer, we all get that itch to go out and explore, to see what treasures nature has been storing away from us since last year. Virginia ...
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