Lucky Find | Couple Discovers Hidden Gem, Builds Dream Home
Roanoke Valley Fall 2017

The Art Of Espalier

The Art Of Espalier
Powder Rooms That Wow
Elevate Your Game | The Benefits of Raised Gardening Beds



“All We’re Missing Is The Pixie Dust” | How One Couple Created A Magical Grandparent Nursery

Story and photography By Meridith De Avila Khan For the past nine years and running, Jeff and Sally Schneider host their grandchildren for “Mimi and Pop Camp,” ...
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What’s Trending In Textiles? | Comfort And Luxury Looks Are Hot

Want to feather your nest this fall? Look to nature for some cues. Neutrals are the best for your surroundings—walls and permanent fixtures like floors and counters of ...
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Neat & Tidy | Manage Kitchen Clutter With Pretty & Practical Tips

We’ve all been there. You walk into your kitchen to complete a simple task: unload the dishwasher, pour a glass of sweet tea, put away groceries. Several hours later, you ...
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Raise The Roof | What You Need To Know About Roof Maintenance And repair

If you are like many homeowners, the last time you paid careful attention to your roof was when you bought your home and it was an item on your home ...
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Oh Deer! | Protect Your Garden From This Prolific Pest

Once the scourge of rural gardens, the burgeoning deer population has moved to more urban areas thanks to civilization encroaching on their natural habitat combined with a lack of local ...
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Plot Your Perfect Potting Spot | Create A Stylish, Practical Workbench For Your Garden Tools

There’s nothing that kills the joy of gardening more than back pain. While you’re out in the fresh air soaking in all of nature’s goodness, your outdoor hobby can be ...
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Tour For A Cause | Charity Home Tour

Now in its 27th year, the Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour showcases eight spectacular lakeside homes in Franklin and Bedford counties—and it’s all for a great cause. The three-day ...
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Happy Trails | Scenic Hikes For All Abilities

With our proximity to the Blue Ridge foothills, locals are lucky to have easy access to some fine hiking options. For most area residents, a 60- to 90-minute drive or ...
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