Design Conundrums | Designer Tips for Fixing Up Your Family Room

In every home there are bound to be certain design and decorating challenges. Who hasn’t tried rearranging furniture or art every now and then—whether to improve flow, make more room, ...
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Nursery Decor | Design A Cozy Space for Sleep and Play

There we were, two eager first-time parents-to-be ready to build the baby registry to top all baby registries. We’d spent months researching products, curating Pinterest boards, and polling every parent ...
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Doorway to Style | Doors Set the Stage for What’s Inside…

A front door reveals many things: where to enter the home, what the owner’s style represents, and often it implies when the home was built. A door welcomes guests and ...
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Design, Defined | Industrial Style

Neutral palettes, high ceilings, exposed brick, concrete flooring, and open concept spaces are all signature aspects of industrial style. This factory-inspired look became increasingly popular in the late 2000s, when ...
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Design, Defined | Southern Style

I’ve spent my life in various parts of the South—from Appalachian North Carolina to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to the coastal empire of Georgia. While cultural differences certainly exist ...
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Sit a Spell | Summer Seating Options for Style and Comfort

With warm summer days and nights at hand, embrace the great outdoors with some good old-fashioned al fresco living. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway to read a book ...
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A Peek at Antiques | Know Your Classic Porcelain Styles & Patterns

There are few things more charming than walking into an antique store and seeing an array of porcelain serve ware in various prints, patterns and colors. This porcelain, collectively ...
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BOLD Is Back! | Color Trends for 2018

Springtime, with its first sights of lush green grass and vibrant blossoms, evokes feelings of hope for new things to come and change that leaves us whirring with enthusiasm. If ...
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