Dynamic Tile Solutions | Unique, Durable And Stylish

February is generally associated with Valentine’s Day, but last year the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared February 23rd as National Tile Day. Perhaps tile as a gift may not ...
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Bathing Beauties | A 21St Century Revival for Three Master Baths

Photography by Jared Hall The master bath is usually a full bath located in or near the master bedroom and generally designed exclusively for the use of one or two ...
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Kitchen Confidential | Cabinets for Every Budget and Style

At the heart of the home, the kitchen is where food is abundant and memories are made, where friends and family are welcomed to gather, nourish and linger. To complete ...
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Home at Last | Native Roanokers Return to the Valley to Build Their Dream Home

Photography by Kevin Hurley For Brenda and Dewey George, the path to their hillside home in southern Roanoke County was a winding one. Born and raised in the area and ...
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Estate Sales 101 | Navigate ‘Tag Sales’ Like a Pro

If you’ve never shopped an estate sale, you’re missing out on quality furniture, fun finds and the thrill of a hunt, all at bargain prices. An estate or tag sale, ...
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What’s Your Holiday Style? | Deck the Halls to Reflect Your Seasonal Spirit

When the holidays come around, it’s hard not to reminisce and think back to past family traditions. Mama’s sizable snow village, a primary part of her living room decor, created ...
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The Inviting Home | Welcoming Guests in the Winter Season

The winter months can be a wonderful time for entertaining. With holidays bringing cozy weather and good cheer, it’s a great time to reconnect with longtime friends, or to welcome ...
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Holidays at the Headmaster’s | Restored Farmhouse Hosts Faculty, Friends and Family

The holidays come early at the Proctor home in southern Roanoke County. They have to—there’s a lot of entertaining that happens within the walls of the century-old farmhouse, and most ...
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