Dogwoods | Virginia’s Springtime Specialty

A single dogwood bloom was the design for the troop crest on my Junior Girl Scout vest, and I wore it with pride. I don’t remember why we chose that ...
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Passalong Plants | The Tradition of Sharing Old-fashionedaGarden Favorites

Mama always said, “Be careful what you admire in a friend’s garden. You might end up goin’ home with it.” All that is needed is an established plant that is ...
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English Cottage Gardens | Wild & Winsome

The English cottage garden dates back to the late 14th century, when it is believed they popped up with the very practical purpose of providing food for the working class ...
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Historic Garden Day in Roanoke | Hikes, Hops, Homes and Gardens

This year celebrates the 85th anniversary of Roanoke’s Historic Garden Week Tour, and to mark the occasion three enchanting homes and three gardens will be featured. “Hikes, Hops, Homes and ...
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Spring Pruning | The Art of the Cut

Pruning is one of those gardening tasks that can be fraught with uncertainty. It’s all about the timing—prune a tree or bush at the wrong time of year and at ...
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Beekeeping | A Sweet Investment

Honeybees are a buzz-worthy topic in the news. Reports about colony collapse, a devastating disorder that causes most of the worker bees to abandon their hive, may lead honey lovers ...
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Noel Au Natural | Bring Colonial Williamsburg Style To Your Holiday Decorating

When you tour Colonial Williamsburg during the holidays, you’ll see the town’s signature Christmas decorations that greet guests strolling down the picturesque streets. Evergreen wreaths, swags, and garlands are uniquely ...
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Christmas Gifts to Attract Winter Winged Visitors

While winter brings the joys of dancing flames in the fireplace, it can also mean a bland view of a landscape devoid of color. But, when gardens are stripped ...
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