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Holidays at the Headmaster’s | Restored Farmhouse Hosts Faculty, Friends and Family
Roanoke Valley Home Magazine Winter 2018



Design, Defined | Craftsman Style

A study of home design often turns into a history, philosophy, and sociology lesson all in one. The way we choose to build and decorate our homes is ...
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Velvet | Posh, Plush and A La Mode

For accessible luxury, it’s hard to beat velvet. Today’s fabric bears little resemblance to the stiff, fussy velvet that graced the formal parlors of previous eras. Thanks to ...
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Keep the Fire Burning | Hot Tips for Wood Burning Fireplaces

An old saying about firewood goes, “It warms you more than once.” At the hearth, of course, but also cutting it, splitting it, stacking it, carting it into the house ...
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Painting Brick | What to Know Before Brightening and Lightening

With winter upon us, you may find yourself pondering a change around the house. Painting brick has been around for decades, but has become a popular trend in recent years, ...
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Mulch Matters | Protect and Prepare for the Next Growing Season

This is the time of year when I’m grateful to have a fresh layer of mulch in my garden beds. Not only will it help keep my plants protected during ...
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Living Christmas Trees | A New Tradition

There are many trends sweeping across the country which allow us to do our part to help preserve and protect the environment. Solar panels on our rooftops, bees in our ...
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The Spice of Life | Flavor That’s Good for You

With the advent of cooler temperatures, the fresh herbs we’ve grown accustomed to snipping from our garden for dinner every evening become less available. While some herbs like rosemary and ...
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Throw a Swingin’ Soirée | Retro Cocktails and Canapés

There is nothing like a good theme to set the tone for a memorable holiday party. Clothing, music, decorations and, of course, food and drink, help tie together the main ...
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