Boost Your Roost | A Better First Impression in 72 Hours or Less
Home Grown Cuisine | Farm-to-Table Dining
Paper Swoon | For the Love of Wallpaper
A Barn House in the Country | Farmsteading Family Creates a Dream Estate
Roanoke Valley Home Magazine Fall 2019


Wabi-Sabi | A Perfectly Imperfect Home

Marie Kondo sparked a decluttering trend that Western culture has embraced since the publication of The Art of Tidying Up in 2014. But what many people don’t know ...
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Walkable Art | Vinyl Floorcloths

What once was old is new again. With a rich history of adorning floors in the south, vinyl floorcloths are making a comeback. More casual, durable and easily ...
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DIY VS. PRO | The True Costs and Benefits of Doing It Yourself

It starts innocently enough. You’re watching an HGTV marathon. Hours pass as you consume a buffet of 30- to 60-minute tales on house flipping, smart designing, and DIY tackling. Property ...
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Chill Out! | Organizing and Cleaning the Fridge

Open. Close. Open. Close. There probably isn’t a door in our home that gets more of a workout each day than the refrigerator door. But as much as we use ...
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The Great Pumpkin | So Much More Than Just a Squash

Pumpkins, squash, and gourds are ubiquitous this time of year. Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors and textures, their thick skins allow them to rest comfortably for ...
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Landscaping with Fruit Trees | Add Beauty, Bounty and Value

Imagine walking outside your home and plucking delicious fruit right from a tree just steps away! A great improvement to outdoor space that delivers delightful returns is the addition of ...
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Smith Mountain Lake | Charity Home Tour

Now in its 29th year, the Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour showcases eight spectacular lakeside homes in Franklin and Bedford counties—and it’s all for a great cause. The three-day ...
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A Pig Tale | From Hook to Plate

It’s a chilly morning in late October when we meet at the smokehouse and get into the pickup. After the obligatory stop for coffee and something unhealthy to eat, we ...
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