Hillside Holiday | Making Memories in a Renovated Colonial in South Roanoke
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Work It | Short Commutes Inspire Long-On-Style Home Offices
Holiday Decorating Hot Spots | Make Your Home Sparkle Indoors and Out
Local Non-Profits Welcome Donations, Time and Support


Striking Gold | Designing with Today’s Metallic Hardware

Metallic hardware is striking gold in the design world. But forget about the shiny gold and glossy brass finishes that were popular in the 80s. They have taken ...
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Upholstery Magic | Making the Old as Good as New

Is it time for an “out with the old, in with the new” change? If you’ve been spending lots of time on the home front in recent months, ...
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Top-Shelf Ideas | Organize Your Space with Great Displays

More time at home these days means more time to look around and see the need to organize and redecorate. The addition of new shelving to your home just might ...
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The Silent Supplier | Water Heater Keeps Life Flowing

Often overlooked, a home’s water heater sees as much use in a day as the refrigerator. Just as the fridge keeps food cold and accessible, the water heater makes sure ...
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Winter’s Landscapes | Conifers Offer Majestic Trees and Shrubs

While many conifers are evergreen, not all evergreens are conifers. Nor are all conifers evergreen. Confused? It’s easy to be, at first glance. The name “conifer” stems from Latin and ...
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Holidays in Bloom | Give the Gift of Green this Season

Fall’s cool and shorter days herald the holiday tradition of decking our homes with fresh greenery and winter-blooming plants. Some favorites for seasonal displays and gifts include paperwhites, amaryllis, Christmas ...
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Creative Infusions |Inspiration for Flavorful, Homemade Holiday Gifts

There are few things as wonderful to receive as a homemade gift. In a time where we are all looking to feel closer to the people in our lives, be ...
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Sugar Cookies | Make Delicious Memories

Cookies are the quintessential holiday treat in many homes—especially sugar cookies. There is something special about making cookies at home because you end up making memories as well. Recently I ...
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