Roanoke Valley Home Magazine Summer 2019
More Really Is More! | Betty Lou and Dick Kienle Re-think Their Decision to Downsize
Home Away from Home | Airbnb Transforms Tech into Splendid Hospitality
A New Step in Time | New Purpose, New Condo, Roanoke Is Now Home for Maryland Couple
Sizing Down to Live It Up | Is Downsizing Right for You?
The Golden Years | Retirement Checklist for Seniors
The Last Word | Leisure and Senior Travel Advisor at Martin Travel


Getting the Hang of It | Hanging Art Properly

Choosing artwork for your home is mainly about personal preference and depends on what kind of unique look you are going for. Do you want decorative pieces that ...
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Behind the Wheel | Using Color Theory in Design

The great French painter Paul Gauguin late in life wrote, “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” Scientists and philosophers have worked for centuries ...
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Bug Out! | Natural Remedies to Combat Common Pests

It doesn’t matter if they have four legs or four hundred, when bugs come around, they bug us. There’s good reason to be irritated, as some species can transmit diseases ...
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Active Seniors, Active Footwear | Put Your Best Foot Forward

There are many rites of passage in a person’s life that are met with great excitement and anticipation, such as obtaining a driver’s license or using a voting card for ...
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Water Works | Collect Rain for Garden Use

Are you looking for a way to make both your yard and wallet greener? Make a small investment in a rain barrel, a savings-savvy and eco-friendly resource for your home ...
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Garden Stars | Homegrown Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the passion of many a home gardener. Once you’ve gotten a taste for homegrown tomatoes fresh off the vine, it’s hard to go back to the supermarket produce ...
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Living the Festival Life | Glamping Your Way Through Virginia

Ah, summer. This is the season synonymous with trips to the beach, family gatherings and an ever-growing schedule of outdoor music festivals. Over the past 10 years, these festivals have ...
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Gadgets, Gizmos & Whatchamacallits | Advances and Assists for 2019

Seniors today are working longer, harder, and smarter than any generation before them. A significant part of this new era of senior living is technology, both at home and on ...
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